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We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all our customers for using the products and services of Kukdong Metal Fence.

Founded in 1989 as a metal and fence business, Kukdong Metal Fence is the only comprehensive brand name in the industry to possess the first-rate technology required to carry out the all-inclusive fence manufacturing process from design and planning to production, construction, and A/S.

With technology training, talent education, and innovative management as our core company values, we aim to nurture a knowledge culture, product knowledge, and knowledgeable workers. We are registered and certified for patents, utility models, design, KS, ISO, INNO-BIZ, ISO, and have been selected as a Promising Small Export Company. In 2014, as part of our ongoing product development efforts, we established the Company Research Institute (for industrial design), which we hope will enable us to stay in close touch with our customers by accurately understanding and responding to their needs, wants and demands.

We, the executives employees of Kukdong Metal Fence, promise to do our best to grow into a future-oriented company that embraces the world and progresses in the right direction.

Once again, thank you for all your steadfast support and care.