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Metal mesh:

  • This economical steel product is made of heat-resisting steel or coil and can be safely applied to vast areas with minimum quantity and time. This product is widely used in construction and engineering, machine and equipment, vessels, flowering complexes, automated facilities, and more.
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Expended Metal

Component Designation:

  • SW : The shortest way between meshes
  • LW : The longest way between meshes
  • T : Thickness
  • W : Width
  • S : The length of SW
  • L : The length of LW

Formula used in calculating the steel mesh's weight:

  • Unit weight of steel plate/elongation ratio = (7.85*thickness)/(SW/2/W)

Surface treatment for steel mesh:

  • painting, PVC coating, molten zinc galvanization, aluminum coating, etc.

Applicable materials for steel mesh:

  • steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, copper plate, etc.

Manufacturing Method:

  • Place material under the upper blade by half a mesh.
  • Upper blade moves downward to make the half of a diamond-shaped mesh.
  • Upper blade moves upward. Material proceeds under the upper blade by half a mesh.
  • Upper blade moves downward and makes the other half of a diamond-shaped mesh.
  • Repeat the steps to shape more diamond-shaped meshes

Permissible (or Tolerable) Error for Product Dimensions:

  • Permissible Error of SW: ±5%
  • Permissible Error of LW: ±2m/m
  • Permissible Error of S: +25m/m, -0m/m
  • Permissible Error of T: According to the permissible error of steel plates
  • Permissible Error of W: ±10%
  • Winding Width: Below 5m/m per 100m/m, 5m/m X (length m/m 1,000m/m) per total length
  • Deviation of Width: below 6m/m per XG 1,000m/m, below 10/m/m per XS 1,000m/m

Expended Metal

A widely used product manufactured by cutting hot rolled steel sheets or coils at equal intervals and forming them into meshes.