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GoodStick Mesh Fence

An automated process that uses a 5mm exclusive mesh thread to produce standardized products at regular intervals. The welded parts are invisible.

GoodStick Art Mesh Fence

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GoodStick Design Fence

A Mesh Fence product decorated with various artistic patterns

Range of application


  • Road and transit(highway, railway, road, city transit)
  • Science & Industry Zone(factory, industry zone, sightseeing zone, new pattern farm)
  • Private grounds(courtyard, villadom)
  • Public grounds(park, zoo, train or bus station, lawn)
  • Commercial grounds(corporation, hotel, supermarket)

Design Advantage:

  • Extraordinary and fashionable design, convenient installation. The fence panels are jointed easy and convenient. It could insert into the sew of concrete base of 40mm width. Usually there is the steel(AL-cast) caps on the top of the post. The upper examine and repair is very easy, and the posts are easy to replace.

Specification :

Wire Dia. Mesh Size Panel Width Panel Height Post’s Height
Fix I Fix II
4.5 mm
5.0 mm
150x55 mm
150x50 mm
1,930 mm
1,960 mm
600 mm 1,000 mm 700 mm
900 mm 1,300 mm 1,000 mm
1,200 mm 1,600 mm 1,300 mm
1,500 mm 1,900 mm 1,600 mm
1,800 mm 2,200 mm 1,900 mm
2,000 mm 2,400 mm 2,100 mm

in thFix Ⅰ:Buried e ground. Fix Ⅱ: Installed with bottom base or feet.

Choice of colors:

  • Every colour desired can be delivered, for example the colours corresponding to your corporate design.